Once a day or once a week. Wash your vehicle as often as you like. Want a clean, dry and shiny car all the time?  Adam's Royal Unlimited Wash Program makes it easy to always have a clean car! For one low monthly fee, you can enjoy all the benefits listed below.

Royal Treatment Wash Plan $35.00/month

The Works Wash Plan $25.00/month

Deluxe Wash Plan  $20.00/month

$5 discount off any plan when you add a second vehicle

Membership Benefits:

  •  Wash As Often As You Like

  • Fast, Easy & Convenient

  • One Low Monthly Fee

  • $$$ SAVE!  The more you wash, the lower your average price per wash and the more you save.

Here's How it Works:​

  • An RFID sticker is affixed to your windshield which is read by our system and automatically lets our computer system know your a member.

  • Membership fee automatically billed to your credit or debit card on your signup date each month.

  • A replacement fee of $3.00 will be charged if the unlimited pass is lost, destroyed or if you need to transfer your pass to a new vehicle.

  • Membership is per vehicle. 

  • Sign up today and start enjoying that clean car feeling with your Unlimited Washes, every day!

  • Save $5 when you sign up a second vehicle